By Reed Family Dental
November 19, 2021
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: Dental Crowns  

Improving your smile is easier than you think. Even if you have damaged or missing teeth, Dr. Lyssa Reed of Reed Family Dental can help. There are many tooth problems that can be fixed using dental crowns in Yuba City, CA. Let's look at some of these common issues. 

Broken Teeth

If a tooth becomes broken or chipped, it can change the appearance of your smile and it can also pose a threat to the health of your mouth. If the broken tooth has sharp or jagged edges, it could cause scrapes or cuts in your mouth. Getting this problem fixed is crucial to your self-confidence and the health of your mouth. A crown can be used over a broken tooth to restore the tooth and keep the rest of your mouth safe. 

Decayed Teeth

When teeth become decayed they can become unsightly and this can really affect how you feel about your smile. Dental crowns in Yuba City, CA can be used to fix this problem. Having a crown placed over a decayed tooth can slow the decaying process, and restore the appearance of the tooth. 

Misshaped Teeth

Sometimes teeth may come in different shapes and even different sizes. This can make it difficult to enjoy your smile. Crowns can be created to ensure that all of your teeth are the same size and shape. 

Missing Teeth

Many people do not realize that crowns can also be used to fix missing teeth. If you are missing teeth, and do not wish to undergo implant surgery, crowns and bridges could be a good solution for you. Crowns can be added to teeth on either side of a missing tooth and a bridge can be attached to these crowns. A pontic, or a false tooth, can then be added to the bridge to sit in the gap left by the missing tooth. This is a great, non-invasive way to deal with missing teeth. 

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